Casio LK 220

My First Hands-On Review of a Casio Piano

My first video also my first Hands-On Review. This is a video about a Casio Portable Piano:LK-220. It features Red LED lights on all of the keys

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  1. I think it would help if you knew something about the keyboard b4 trying to review it…

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  2. It’s a Great Review. Excellent Job.
    The only thing I want to see is the USB conextion to a PC.

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  3. Good review. I’m about to buy this keyboard so you helped me a little.
    BTW every time you said “CRAP” was funny. I don’t know why but it was on the spot every time. :-)

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  4. ur very fat and i thought u where a girl getting cum shout into her vagina

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  5. very helpful thnx

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  6. im thinking of getting this keyboard… can u play some of the rhythm beats… i want to see how they sound?

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  7. Can you make a video on how to use it on the computer

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  8. this thing is easy to use

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  9. dont shake ur camera plz.

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  10. hey,, how about setting the reverb effect on the keyboard?

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  11. how do you use it with the computer? if you even know how

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